David Eng's feature documentary GRAND CRU tells the story of one of Burgundy's legendary winemakers, Pascal Marchand, and the disastrous 2016 vintage.

We have partnered with GATHR FILMS® to do a special Theatrical On Demand release in the United States. Anyone can request a screening and bring GRAND CRU to their city, town or community!

Go to their website on the link provided below and pick the date, time, and theatre of your choice and GATHR will do the rest.  All you have to do is promote the screening and get people to buy tickets in advance. 

Turn your screening into a fabulous event by pairing it with a wine-tasting! See below for more details.

Running time: 80 minutes. 



step 1

Check the GATHR map below and enter your zip code to see if a screening near you is already in the works. Yes? Great! You can purchase tickets via the GATHR website. No? Move on to Step 2



STEP 3 (optional)






How much does it cost to host a screening?

 Nothing!  No hire fees, no booking fees. It is free for you!

Once your request has been approved, you’ll get an email confirming you as a Movie Captain, and you’ll receive a link to begin.

GRAND CRU will come to your community only if the screening “tips” – meaning that enough tickets have been sold in advance. So, roll up your sleeves and start filling those seats and make your screening an event to be remembered! The earlier you start planning and promoting the event, the more chances of success!


Your local indie theatre not listed?

 Let the GATHR team know and see if they can work with that venue. bookings@gathr.us.


Are you a theatre-owner and want to book GRAND CRU?

 No problem! GATHR can work out the details with you. Write them at bookings@gathr.us.


Don't want to host a screening in a movie theatre?

 No problem. You can have a screening at any venue of your choosing as long as it has good picture and sound. Write to the folks at GATHR. bookings@gathr.us


Want to pair a wine-tasting with this awesome wine documentary?

Fantastic! It’s a wonderful way to turn your screening into a memorable event, and a perfect social activity for wine-lovers, whether your crowd is an amateur wine club or a group of professional sommeliers. The wine-tasting can be set up through the GATHR platform, too. You choose the venue, like a nearby restaurant or wine bar, and determine the cost per person (the “Tasting Fee”), then let the folks at GATHR know. They’ll take care of configuring your event page so that movie-goers interested in participating in the wine-tasting will be able to add the Tasting Fee on top of the cost of their movie ticket. The Tasting Fee cash then goes directly to you to pay the venue.